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Our guides are Wilderness First Responder Certified and committed to the safety and satisfaction of all of our guests. 

Zach Lee Zion Rock Climber, Zion climbing and canyoneering guide and Rock Odysseys OwnerVeteran Zion climber and Southern Utah guide, Zach Lee established Rock Odysseys in 2013 after the birth of his first baby Jette. He is a Utah native and a climbing enthusiast. His climbing career has been spent putting up routes and doing first free ascents on some of Zion’s most unclimbable walls. Zach has been guiding for over a decade and half, and he loves showing, or maybe just reminding, people what a joy it is to climb and explore the natural world around them. He particularly loves the desert mysterious and intricate landscape of the desert Southwest and Zion National Park and has invested years getting to know the intricacies of the red-rock backcountry. Zach has the technical knowledge to ensure your safety and deliver excellent instruction, but also a contagious enthusiasm for the sport. He is daddy to Jette and Viggo and husband to Heidi.

Expert Zion guide Rock Odysseys Gabby OlsenGabrielle Olsen was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. The outdoors has been an important part of her life ever since she was a toddler. She has traveled all over the west and internationally for rock climbing. Her sophomore year of college she became president of the Uscend climbing club at the University of Utah, which has now grown to over three hundred members. She also personally organized and implement a Kid’s climbing program at one of top climbing gyms in the U.S. Gabby is extremely adept at instructing children in climbing and rappelling and has a way of making even the most heights-worried participant feel safe and confident.

zion climbing Joe FrenchJoe French was born in Duluth MN in 1974. Joe has lived and climbed in the Zion area since 1996 and guided professionally since 2004. He is a member of the Access Fund and the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and has received his Single Pitch and Rock Instructor certifications. Joe loves Zion, has put up multiple routes in the area and to many in the know is considered quite legendary in his sport. He is technically meticulous and takes satisfaction in a perfectly dressed knot. He enjoys sharing his love for and knowledge of all aspects of the sport to his guests.


rock climbing zionStephen Darveau is a Utah local who was born and raised in SLC, and is currently living in Virgin, UT. His parents were very active all the time and his mother was a professional aerial and mogul skier.  Stephen’s first guide gig was guiding snowmobile tours near Park City UT. As much as he loved it (saved his life after the death of his first son Gabriel) Stephen quickly realized that lifting those heavy machines out of the snow all day was a just temporary job. On the other hand, rock climbing and canyoning have been known to save his soul. Stephen has been climbing for over a decade and guiding rock climbing and canyons in Southern Utah for over six years; during that time, he has incorporated rock climbing and canyoneering into a few different residential treatment centers around town. The therapeutic value has had a great deal of influence on many lives including his own. It is Stephen’s hope to maybe share some of this experience with the guests of Rock Odysseys. He has two children, Lykan and Olive.

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Mark Enjibous has been calling Utah home since 2000, and currently lives in Santa Clara. He has been a Registered Nurse since 2008, and currently works in the Intensive Care Unit at Dixie Regional Medical Center in Saint George with a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification. He is married with two boys, ages 2 and 4. Mark is passionate about the outdoors, and savors the time he has away from his “real job” to pursue his passion of rock climbing. He has developed several routes in the Southwest and some of his proudest contributions include “The Undeniable Lightness of Being Lyle” and “Legends Never Die” in Snow Canyon State Park, along with several big wall adventure routes in Kayenta, UT.

Zion National Park is uniquely beautiful, and attracts and enchants people from all over the world.
Our guides have a genuine love of the area, as well as for their craft, and are guaranteed always to be technically superior and professional. Allow us to demonstrate!