My travels take me anywhere where there is adventure, nature,and some adrenaline rush. I went on a rappel, hiking adventure with this company and was not dissapointed in any aspect of what I was hoping for. I also do these adventures with my wife and her physical abilities are not equal to mine so I have to keep that in mind when planning.
We are in our mid 50’s and this adventure was filled with many rappels as well as some water and dry hiking routes thru the day. Our guide Zach was exceptional as he was able to guide us thru our day with safety first and foremost in mind, then add to that the excitement of rappelling into the canyons and hiking thru one of the most beautiful canyons I have ever seen. We picked water canyon because I had heard it had the most and tallest rappels in the area. My wife was initially afraid of rappelling into water but it wasn’t deep and it was very refreshing. If you love nature, rappelling is probably the least physically taxing thing you can do. From the moment we met our guide his calm and friendly nature was an added bonus. His knowledge of the area and rappelling and rock climbing made us feel very relaxed. My wife wanted to adopt him but we already have enough kids… lol. I am enclosing a link to our video of this amazing adventure. Zach: If you see this I hope you and your family are well, hug those babies, do well and stay alive.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjiEU5nUmgQ

I’m not normally one to write reviews for products/services, but my friends and I recently had such an amazing experience with Rock Odysseys that I must put fingers to keyboard and express my love for these folks. As the great Tina Turner would say, they’re simply the best! We booked a canyoneering trip to Lambs Knoll UT with high expectations and those expectations were blown away in large part thanks to our wonderful guide, Gabby! Her professionalism, knowledge, skills, and great sense of humor left a lasting impression on all of us. Even though two in our group were terrified of heights, Gabby was always there to show us the ropes (literally), and put our nerves to ease. I’d even go as far to suggest that you request Gabby as your guide, if possible. Regardless, I recommend Rock Odysseys and any of their highly trained guides no matter what your skill level or canyoneering experience. This crew will make you very happy!