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Zion Rock Climbing and Canyoning tours

Each canyon or climbing course near Zion National Park we select may be suitable for a variety of ages and fitness levels; if any additional modifications are required, we can tailor the experience on-site to accommodate individual comfort zones. Some may even choose to rappel in tandem with or be lowered by an expert guide. The rewards come from feeling challenged, but not pressured.

Pre-expedition training

This is a key part of our services and covers important safety and equipment aspects of these excursions. All participants will be instructed in all procedures, as well as thoroughly inspected to ensure that everyone is prepared and safe.

Canyoning: Going down!

Just leaning back over the edge can be intimidating and is often the biggest challenge to most people. It’s an excellent opportunity to push one’s personal limitations, while being looked after by an expert guide.

Rock Climbing: Going up!

While most people think that climbing is about strength, it’s normally those with the most balance, finesse and technique that succeed. With a range of climbs, we can ensure that everyone in the group can be challenged to their own personal limits.


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What Customers Are Saying

“My travels take me anywhere where there is adventure, nature, and some adrenaline rush. I went on a rappel, hiking adventure with this company and was not disappointed in any aspect of what I was hoping for…our guide Zach was exceptional as he was able to guide us through our day with safety first and foremost in mind; then add to that the excitement of rappelling into one of the most beautiful canyons I have ever seen...” Paul Parisse Coral Springs, FL

“I was referred to Zach from Rock Odysseys and thank goodness I went with them as the experience was first-class and everything from start to finish was impeccable. Zach is an amazing guide who understands how to work with people of all levels, and he does a great job motivating you while guiding you through different paths. The balance between active and resting times was perfect. I left Zion feeling accomplished and refreshed thanks to the experience Rock Odysseys delivered. Ray Cheng San Francisco, CA